Saturday, October 12, 2013

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     Team-Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS):     

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APA Citation:
Todd, A. W., Newton, J. S., Algozzine, K., Horner, R. H., Algozzine, B., Cusumano, D. L., & Preston, A. I.  (2015). Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS II). University of Oregon, Educational and Community Supports.   


Updated Meeting Minutes posted in Materials!!  (10/24/15)


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          Team-Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Videos             



Meeting Foundations:


Identify Problem with Precision:


Identify Goal for Change:


Identify Solution and Create Implementation Plan with Contextual Fit:


Implement Solution with High Integrity:


Monitor Impact of Solution and Compare against Goal: 


Make Summative Evaluation Decision:

TIPS with Academics:

                                                                 University of Oregon      

Rob Horner                            Anne Todd                       

      University of North Carolina at Charlotte      

Bob Algozzine                         Kate Algozzine                       Dale Cusumano